Music 003: Kid Lucifer

Kid Lucifer is a garage band based in Montreal and originating from Vancouver, they just released a new EP “Black Moon.” Their sound is edgy, dramatic, and faintly reminiscent of indie music from 2012. We had the chance to chat with the band’s drummer, Quinn, about the band and EP. Click the link the photo to listen to the EP or check it out on iTunes while you read the interview below. 


Tell me a little bit about yourself and your history with music?

I’m Quinn, I’m 21 and I play drums in Kid Lucifer. I grew up around music thanks to my father, who was and still is a huge music fan. I was fortunate enough to constantly be exposed to amazing music at a young age-Peter Gabriel, Genesis, Rush and King Crimson were household staples. I’ve been interested in music since I can remember, but really started exploring writing and recording in high school after taking guitar classes. From there I fell in love with bass, started out drumming about five years ago and haven’t stopped since.


How did Kid Lucifer come together? 

Kid Lucifer is myself, Sam Schuette on bass, Henry Girard on vocals and rhythm guitar, Linus Heyes on lead guitar and Gabby Des on keys and guitar. Sam and I met in grade one and have been friends for over 15 years. Kid Lucifer in its first form started shortly after the two of us met Henry at a Pity Sex concert in Vancouver. We started playing together as a three piece and found an instant musical chemistry. Linus, Henry’s cousin, joined the band after we met him at a local festival in Henry’s hometown. The four of us moved together as a band to Montreal at the end of this summer to pursue music, and we met Gabby, our newest addition to the band, at our first show in Montreal.


Was there one point if inspiration for this EP? Does it tell a story?

This EP definitely represents who were are right now as a band and as people. We really discovered our sound and what we wanted to say musically around the time we were in studio, and we developed a lot creatively. It was our first time with access to a proper studio, and we recorded shortly after Linus joined the band. Having that experience along with Linus’ creative input on the songs took the whole project to a new level. We actually recorded a full-length album and cut it down to these six songs that we’re most proud of and excited about, so it’s definitely a good snapshot of where we are right now.


What’s your favourite song on the EP and why?

It’s hard to choose, but my personal favourite has to be My Girl. It’s one of the first songs we ever wrote, and I love how simple, but catchy and dynamic it is. It’s also a riot to play live, for myself especially.


Why did you choose to include the acoustic version of My Girl in the project?

The first thing we ever recorded as a band in my bedroom back in B.C. was an acoustic version of the song. We recorded the new EP version last minute on our last day in studio for this project, and we were unsure whether or not to even record it. In the end we just loved the laid back vibe of that first version so much we couldn’t resist revisiting it.


Any shows people can look forward to?

We’re finishing off the year with a show with fellow Montreal band Rough Gentlemen at Bar Le Repaire on December 16th in Montreal. Nothing is set in stone quite yet for the New Year, but we’re booking dates, working on our first full-length record, and planning tour dates for the spring. We’re keeping ourselves busy.


EDIT: Unfortunately due to publishing delays this article was posted on December 16th but we hope Kid Lucifer had an incredible show


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