Looks 009: Natasha Kimmell

Natasha Kimmell is a 21 year old photographer currently studying at the University of Oregon. Her portraits turn light into poetry, casting colourful shadows that create an illusion of intimacy between the viewer and subject. 

To see more of Natasha’s work check out her Instagram.


In my art I often find myself returning to themes such as youth, urbanism, womanhood, and sexuality, because these are things I relate to, and which challenge me on a daily basis. Overall, my greatest hope is to convey authenticity in my images. I take pictures as a way to explore my own thoughts, and to connect to a world which I often do not understand. In this way photography is more a way of life than an art form to me. That being said, I hope that others might see my photography and feel something familiar, like that special nostalgia you get looking at people you’ve never known in places you’ve never been. Or, at the very, least feel anything at all.