Teenage Reverie

Written by: Antonio Velarde

Photos by: Antonio Velarde



I’ve always found it marvelous that creatives in the city of Toronto have the ability to band together and instantly conceive such a tranquil atmosphere. With that said, one artist in particular immediately captured my attention from the first time I laid eyes on her work. Let this count as one step into a rabbit hole filled with vibrant lights and colors. It never ends.







Last month, Hallie hosted one of the most alluring art shows ever witnessed by individuals all over the city. Whilst the venue was flipped into an absolute work of art — its execution was done so well that not only was it an exhibit but also a place of serenity. An artist’s heaven, if I could say so myself. The atmosphere she created was peaceful. From the music, to the lighting (which is key to her production), and the furniture along with every facet down to the glassware and televisions. 

This three-day exhibit was an utter success. Individuals entered in awe not knowing what to expect. Blue and red cellophane covered the front windows offering an eerie glow to passersby, music was blasting through the doors — it was really intriguing to say the least. 

Here are some of my outtake shots! Enjoy.