Music 002: Mr. Stee

Mr. Stee’s latest EP deja vu is full of deep tones and exploratory keys. Infused with conversational samples and mainly instrumental, this project is the perfect soundtrack for spring mornings. 



“Mr. Stee (Stefan Raupach) is a Vancouver based producer and guitar player focused on creating chilled out instrumental hip hop music that bridges the gap between traditional sampling and live instrumentation. He collaborates with his brother Torsten Raupach on bass, to compliment his guitar work and give an organic feel to the music that is unique for the hip hop genre.

déjà vu is a collection of experimental beats that are both contemplative and introspective. They aim to bring the listener into a dream like state while still maintaining drive and motion. This release is in anticipation of a full length collaborative album with with R&B and hip hop features.”

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Stefan’s Art

 Cover art by Joel Jasper.
Cover art by Joel Jasper.