If only fear could fuel a rocket,

we could reach the moon in time

to escape these shadows.

We could bring the sun down to earth

to brighten our days in time

to watch them burn.

They would do anything to love themselves,

except love each other.

You would do anything to love them,

except love yourself.

If only hatred could melt metal,

no more bombs, knives, or bullets.

If only ignorance could feed the hungry,

what an abundant world we would live in.

If only greed could make life everlasting,

then there would be no need to be greedy.

Success for us is being better off

than the people who harvest your food,

produce your pleasures, and support the successful on their broken backs.

What if success was measured only

on the happiness of all mankind,

and not each individual man?

What if people cared more

about making a beautiful world,

than making their little worlds beautiful?



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