The American Dream Is Over

Trump has succeeded beyond all belief. This means the American people wants a change.

Does it matter that this change is manifesting itself in a racist, homophobic, idiotic man?


What matters is that Trump represents a shift away from traditional government.


There has been a deep distrust in public institutions brewing over the past two decades. A distrust spreading across banks, intelligence agencies, the police, infrastructure, and more. Trump as president means trust in the government, and these institutions, will deteriorate even further . 


A common theme amongst messages from Americans is this:

“Protect each other, it’s all we’ve got now”

This is a collective movement. If the government cannot be trusted citizens will feel no ownership or connection to what they do. If the States decides to invade Mexico people will  shrug their shoulders. When huge mergers destroy market competition and begin privatizing basic rights people will shake their heads. Come 2020 when the States has failed to uphold the Paris Agreement people will say “the environment was doomed anyway.”


A peculiar lack of patriotism in a passively passionate world. 


This creates a paradoxical lifestyle. One where people distance themselves from the actions of government while actively consuming its material. People who lament over the environmental tragedy of oil pipelines and drive a car everyday. People who think about if everyone has enough food to eat and get a burger every other day. People who don’t think about what they are consuming, where it is coming from, and where it is going. 


To avoid this paradox, people rejecting their government must reject all aspects of it, which includes multinational corporations. A society guilt-free of their government is not in anarchy. It is self sustainable. People should shop locally, eat local, and support each other. These people question actively question why other people may think differently and understand there is no right or wrong. They organize themselves and work for the things they are passionate for: inclusivity, sustainability, and happiness. 


It is my hope that people can move past the initial shock of this election and consider why this happened. Why one of the most qualified candidates lost so unexpectedly. What went wrong? Was the system rigged to hide the number of Trump supporters? Why do people support Trump? Let us investigate these questions, look for solutions, and not lose sight of a bright future.