Music 001: Mr. Stee

Talent extraordinaire, Stefan Raupach, is back at it. Featured for his painting in Grounders Issue 2, Stefan is also a member of Coastal Break and produces music as a solo artist.

Stefan’s newest persona is a groovy downtempo called Mr. Stee. “Searching” is the first drop of his four part twelve track album. This album is a reflection of Stefan’s changing mindsets, over the last year.  By splitting the album into parts,  a new one every two weeks, each era of thinking becomes recognizable to a listener. Stefan’s vision for Searching, and the parts to follow, is to be “equally foreground or background.”

“Space gives more time to digest each part and anticipate the next.”

Check out more of Stefan’s work and stay tuned for his next EP on November 11th


P.S. Check out this cool video of Stefan made by Jerez Challenger