Conversations: Chamo Rosso

Chamo Rosso, featured in the first issue of Grounders, just released his second project Tomodachi. A soothing mix of jazz and familiar tunes, each song is dedicated to a special person or group in Chamo Rosso’s life. Compared to his previous work, Fremy Volume I, is more nostalgic and pairs perfectly with the fall vibe. 


What lead you to this project?

More or less I just made a song for my one friend and the name Makuto reminded me of him so I thought it was kind of suitable. And I followed up with the same theme and it reminded me of Keegan. I figured I may as well make it a whole thing.

Did the song or person come first?

I would make the song and as it happened I would realize who the song was for and model it towards them from that point.

Do you have any plans for a new project?

Right now I am taking a break because of midterms. I want to do something more but I want to find a different style, make it more unique. The style for Tomodachi was really funk and soul based. I want to make that more unique and expand it into a new style.

Will this be more different than Fremy Vol I?

Yeah I hope so. I really don’t like that first project. I’m not a fan, it’s so unrefined. At the time I didn’t have the technique nor ability to fix the flaws but now I do. 

Is there a reason everything is Japanese?

I just like it.

Can you understand?

Yeah, enough to get the jist of a conversation. I have a few friends who speak Japanese so I will try to have a conversation with them and get them to correct me. 

What’s been happening since our last interview?

I’ve just been chilling.

P.S. “Kuro + Shiro” is Chamo Rossos’ “thank you to the Grounders crew” and our biased favourite