winter is coming

Human history showcases a cyclical process between stability and turmoil. Often, the turnover is catalyzed by a mistrust of institutions. These institutions can be any authoritative body, such as the tribe chief, the principal, or priest. If followers are dissatisfied, and recognize their cumulative power, a mutiny is inevitable.

In a similar way we are approaching a time, once again, where our governing bodies cannot be trusted. Global governments are little more than a soap opera. Schools no longer prepare students for success. Religion is pitted against each other and being used as a manipulative tool.

The system is not sustainable.

A revolution is inevitable.

When the masses rise up, it will be for customization. Away with generalized welfare and education. Individuality will rise up. With it, an acute awareness of how person each person’s thoughts are intimately connected to each moment in their unique past. So a question comes:


Will society ensure everybody starts off with the exact same upbringing for maximum similarity? A utilitarian society?

Or will everything change?

Into an era, close to complete anarchy, with tiny bands of humans living to survive.


Of course, these are not the only options. But when the revolution comes, an end goal and lifestyle must be planned out. 

With that in mind, note that all the signs point to this upheaval as being in the near future – the lifetime of Millennials. And when it does, it will be nothing like recent history. It will not be a charismatic individual. It will not be two groups in the ultimate standoff. It will be an internal disruption that brings disaster like no other. 

It is scary. Yet, for the first time in many years, it is an opportunity to change everything. 


What would you change?